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The Power Issue

From Black Girls Code to the White House, our sixth annual Power Issue covers the most important people, organizations, and ideas in the Bay Area. 


“The goal,” Nia Titus explains, “is to explore everything around you!” Nia is only 10, and she’s talking speci cally about the objective of her favorite game, Minecraft. But she could just as easily be speaking for all of the brilliant and driven people featured in this, our sixth annual Power Issue. Nia’s curiosity is being stoked by Kimberly Bryant, who founded the nonprofit Black Girls Code to prepare black girls for careers in tech. A great, timely idea. Also well-timed: the efforts of Ameer Hasan Loggins, who assisted a certain quarterback in bringing black consciousness into the mainstream; and George Lakoff, trying to get Democratic messengers to heed his urgent advice; and the city attorneys of Oakland and San Francisco, taking the legal  ght over climate change to the bottom line of Big Oil. All are looking around them, exploring the options, and then acting boldly. It’s the only way to make progress when others in power are trying to stop it.

"This Is The Opportunity Our Ancestors Dreamed Of"
Black Girls Code prepares a generation to balance an uneven playing field.
Summer Sewell

Peter Thiel's Apocalypse
Why has the über elitist Silicon Valley investor joined forces with the über plebeian Donald Trump? The answer may be scarier than you think.
Scott Lucas

Hope’s Network
In dark times like these (and no matter your politics, these have been rough days in America), it’s a good idea to follow the advice of Mr. Rogers and “look for the helpers.”
San Francisco magazine

The Housing Caucus
For years, state lawmakers stalled on a landmark deal on housing. Then we elected these people.
Scott Lucas

Rewiring the Democrat Brain
A cognitive linguist thinks he knows how to out-message Donald Trump—but will his fellow liberals listen?
Melissa Batchelor Warnke

The Smartest Cooks in the Kitchen
Eleven bay area food-world luminaries who are revolutionizing the way we eat.
Luke Tsai

BP. Exxon. Chevron. Shell. ConocoPhillips vs. Us
The plot to sink the oilmen… and maybe just save the world.
Joe Eskenazi

A Dreamer's Best Friend
When Trump left DACA kids in limbo, Mission Asset Fund unfurled a safety net.
Gwendolyn A. Wu

“His Pedagogy Is Dope”
Ameer Hasan Loggins and his star pupil, Colin Kaepernick, are bringing black studies to the masses.
Ian A. Stewart

The Paper Shredders
Will the Athletic take down the local sports page, or turn into yesterday’s news?
Ian A. Stewart

A Refugee No Longer in Flight
Vien Truong, the new CEO of the Van Jones founded Dream Corps, digs in for a fight.
Joanne Furio

Champions of the Forgotten 
A coalition of unions is bringing Silicon Valley’s underappreciated service workers out of the shadows.
Ahalya Srikant


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco

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