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The Top 10 Double Rainbow Tweets

In case you missed yesterday's double rainbow, here's a recap from the Twitterverse.

@Laura_Weislo: No, it wasn't a post-Burning Man residual hallucination, there really was a double rainbow over SF. How fitting.

@laurakopp: Wow, this is a bad time for San Francisco's Double Rainbow Ice Cream to be without a Twitter account.

@KittyMargolis Mind-blowing double rainbow over SF during DNC. Isaac tore thru South for RNC. Message from Mother Earth?

@trappno6: Oh San Francisco; pedestrian traffic in Noe Valley blocked by 15 ppl taking pictures of a rainbow with their smartphones.

@cadyglaser: Double rainbow in SF. Hipsters get too excited and instagram implodes.

@paulrschaefer: 2418428 people just tweeted about the rainbow in San Francisco. 90% of them were sarcastic.

@sadandy: San Francisco WOULD have a rainbow

@owenbrainard: Ah, yes, my SF tech crew: Seamless transition from "did your VC's take a convertible equity deal?" to "did you see the doublerainbow?"

@leJDen: Half my twitter feed is Bill Clinton at the DNC. The other half is thedouble rainbow in SF.

@zenguin: I'm officially the only person in SF who didn't see the doublerainbow. Luckily everyone on Instagram posted it for me. #22inarow 

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