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There Goes the Neighborhood Pizza Spot

Forbes names Tony’s in North Beach the best pizza in America. Good luck getting a table now.


Tony’s Pizza Napoletana was named “America’s Best Pizza” on Friday and while we can’t help but swell with pride, we know that things will never be the same. 

Wrote Forbes magazine's Larry Olmstead a few days ago, "America does have a best pizzeria, Tony’s in San Francisco, and it is so good I can’t think of a close second—except maybe Tony’s satellite locations."

(Oh, don't act so surprised. You didn't think the magazine that publishes an annual ranking drooling over the world's billionaires was going to name those communards over at Cheese Board Pizza, did you?)

So, thanks Forbes—but we really didn’t want to share. The wait for that perfect Margherita, piping hot from one of the numerous coal ovens, will now stretch out the door down Stockton.

Will the Napoli-imported ingredients last throughout the day? Will the bartender continue to offer that perfectly complementary Negroni? Will we ever be able to enjoy our 22-inch in peace and quiet? 

Sigh. The chance of getting a pie without hassle now will be slim, but Tony’s will always have our hearts. And we'll always have Cheese Board. At least until Harper's names them America's best co-op-made pizza.


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