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"Too Much Nut, Not Enough Cro"

Taste-testing San Francisco's very first cronut. 

The strawberry cronot
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Cutting into the flaky center
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The cronot in its natural habitat.
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Earlier this morning, we got our greedy mitts on the Cronot (note the spelling), a knockoff of the donut-croissant hybrid that's been driving New York City pastry-obsessives nuts lately. And while Woody Allen has left us a little fatigued with all the NYC-to-SF comparisons, we figured we'd do one more. After all, what could be better than a flaky, buttery bastardization of the doughnut?

You can currently find Posh Bakery's creations at Lee's Delis around the Financial District (located at 222 Front Street, 170 Spear Street, 75 Battery Street, and 235 Montgomery Street), so we ran out for three flavors: glazed, chocolate, and strawberry, for about $3 a piece. Though we were tempted to scarf them all on the way back to our office, we held firm, so that we could have a proper taste-test. Here's what the San Francisco staff had to say:

Ron Escobar, Art Director: A self-professed donut geek, he prefers his 'nuts "fluffy, light, and yeasty." He was expecting the Donut's texture to "be like air," and therefore was appalled by its "cake-y" quality.

Carolyn Alburger, Associate Editor: "It does have the layers," admitted the food editor. "But the Pepto-Bismol icing [on the strawberry Cronot] would not be French Pastry Chef-approved." After another bite, she decided that "it just tastes like a donut with a little custardy quality in the middle." Chalk her up as unimpressed as well.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: "The great thing about a croissant is when it's airy. This is not as light as I would have liked." The Cronot also proved too cloyingly sweet for her: "It sounded like it was going to be a donut, but less sweet. Could you imagine eating a whole one for breakfast? You would die." To summarize her feelings: "Too much nut, not enough cro."

Scott Lucas, Web Fellow: "I'm not high enough to truly enjoy this," he said. "At the end of the day, it's a good—but not great—custard donut with a really good marketing gimmick."

Have you had a chance to taste test the cronot? Tell us what you think via email and twitter.


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