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A damaged building from The Great 1906 Earthquake 

Top 10 earthquake tweets from San Franciscans

What do San Franciscans do in an earthquake? Stay in bed and tweet, it seems.

San Franciscans got an early wake-up call this morning—a 4.0 (originally estimated at 4.3) earthquake around 5:30 a.m. Rather than running for cover, we found, many of you did what only seemed logical—stayed in bed and tweeted. Here, our list of this morning’s top 10 Tweets:

1. “I was dreaming that I was in [sic] set with Madonna, then followed a dream about the world ending and right at that moment the 4.0 struck.”—William David Walsh, @wdwphoto

2. “Looks like a little Shake and Bake for my SF friends! #SFQuake”—Joe Jonston, @mrhl

“Just in case anyone gets any ideas: It’s the Santorums Gingriches Romneys & Limbaughs of the world who are on shaky ground #earthquake #sf”—John Bare, @JBinSFO

“What if there was a 9.0 earthquake in SF next week and a huge chunk of the industry fell into the ocean? Would Disney make a movie about it?”—Ryan Duffin, @AnimationMerc

“Saved By The Bell misguided me in my youth – you don’t go to a door frame during #earthquake, you take cover under a table”—Lauren Smith, @17thandIrving

6. “WHEN THE ROOM SHAKES YOUR SLEEP LIKE A THOUSAND POUND SHEEP..THAT’S..A FRISCO! #sf #quake #DontCallItFrisco”— Cara Tramontano, @theCara

7. “My room is a huge mess…I’ll blame the #earthquake. #SF”—Vanessa Unger, @VLU7

8. “@ChicanoSD only a 4.3 prolly wont go That far…Woke my ass up tho! Shake rattle and roll baby”
Edgar, @ChicanoSD replies: “@itsBOOMhomie Damn that’s up there, Mother nature is the Baby Mama of every1 on this mundo. Tomorrow never promised.”—@itsBOOMhomie

9. “BREAKING: 4.0 earthquake hits SF Bay. Efforts to complete dragon capture & return to earth’s core b4 rush hour #eastcoastwillbelieveanything”—Jesse Smith, @eastbayradical

10. “Had hyper-realistic nightmare I was dying in an earthquake. Awoken by actual 4.3 earthquake. I’M UP.”—Aviva Yael, @Veevers


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Angela De Claro is San Francisco's editorial intern. Email her or follow her on Twitter @AngelaDeClaro