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Urbanized Exercise

Thirty ways to turn the city into your own personal gym.

Alex Ho, personal trainer and endurance athlete, runs Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line in the Presidio. 

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Jenn Pattee, owner of Basic Training boot camp and an ultramarathon runner, works out on structures next to the Exploratorium.

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Greg Bianchi, owner of Bianchi Fitness and a track coach, conquering Twin Peaks.

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Personal trainer and competitiver grappler Carey Rockland scales the mokey bars at St. Mary's Playground.

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VyAyr Fitness owner and Iron Man competitor Kristi Dowler powering up at East Beach. 

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Lightning Fitness: How to use our user’s guide, with an assist from local boot camp pioneer
Stevan Krstic.

Week 1: Endurance there’s no shortcut to building steam: Push yourself now to handle more later. Ease in with two long jogs to get your heart rate soaring and familiarize your body with basic strength exercises. Days: 2

Week 2: Coordination bookend a run day with two balancing acts and new movement patterns, plus some strengthening (exercises 1–6). To keep the metabolic furnace burning, fill your typical “rest” period between sets with a plank or squat. Days: 3

Week 3: Power now that you have a strong foundation, kick it up with two steady runs, hitting the hills in between (exercises 13–18). Stretch your muscles for a recovery workout with coordination exercises (exercises 1–6). Days: 4

Week 4: Strength that’s not sweat; it’s your fat cells crying! You’ve worked up some muscle, so now put it to use with two consecutive exercises in the same muscle group (exercises 7–12). Work in some agility (exercises 19–24) and plenty of stretching. Days: 4

Week 5: Speed now your body is ready to hit the max. Get the most out of your time by doing resistance workouts in sand at the beginning and end of the week (exercises 25–30). Sprinkle in a dash of agility and balance work, and call it a day. Days: 4

Week 6: Agility and R&R you’ve not only earned it; you need it! Recovery is as important as the workouts themselves, so scale back to three workouts at 50 percent intensity and double up on agility (exercises 19–24).Your new body is ready to rock a race. Days: 3

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