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What Twitter Had to Say About New York Mag Cutting Back

The instant reaction to the news that the magazine would be moving to bi-weekly publication. 

@jessjoycej: So if @NYMag publishes bi-weekly now, then I only have to pretend to read it twice a month!

@HowardKurtz: Makes sense in this digital age, but I'm sad about New York mag going biweekly. Always been a magazine with a voice

@sternbergh: BREAKING: I have been assured by sources close to @nymag that the beloved Approval Matrix is safe. Apologies for needlessly sowing panic.

@aoscott: When something scary happens in the world of print, you need @carr2n to hold your hand and talk you through it.

@nickbilton: Next year NY Mag will be printed every other week, @carr2n reports: (The website will still be "printed" every day.)

@om: "New York is less about a specific place than a reliably jaded prism on the world" @carr2n writes about NY magazine

@erinfaherty: Not sure how I feel about @NYMag becoming biweekly. On one hand, fewer crossword puzzles. On other, more time to actually read the articles.

@WayneSense: thank goodness. Think of how many trees this will save. A tingle just ran up my leg

@AnotherOneInBK: I'm going to miss my weekly @NYMag but maybe now I'll read more books!

@OliverStrand: I'm sure the @NYMag web site will pick up the slack, inflame same anxieties as the print mag RE raising a child in NYC.

@TerminalVolume@NYMag is going to publish every OTHER week. This is a mega-bummer. Thanks a lot, Monday.


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