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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Monday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

Supervisor Ed Jew in happier times. 

Surrendering Cell Phones at North Beach Unplug SF Party: We actually went to this no tech allowed party too, but it felt sort of weird to write about it online after. It was fun. Not Flappy Birds fun, but, you know, up there. [H/t: SFGate

Ed Jew Built Wheelchairs in Prison: On the continuing imprisonment adventures of Tapioca Joe. [H/t: SFist]

Risotto Ball Pop-up: Truly our city is a movable feast. [H/t: Eater SF]

Behind the Counter at 20th Century Cafe in Hayes Valley: Pumpkin seed rye bread for the win. [H/t: Hayeswire]

Tesla Battery Factory Courted by Arizona: This is why we can't have nice heavy manufacturing. [H/t: SF Business Times]

Parking Is Ruining My Love Life: "It's not you. It's the street cleaning." [H/t: The Bold Italic]

Goodnight Clock: Calculating how long it took to get the kid in Goodnight Moon to go to sleep. Not in the calculations: how the kid woke up screaming just two hours later, right after his parents had finally downed enough scotch to finally pass out. [H/t: Burrito Justice]


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