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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

Grading Local Pols on Bike to Work Day: Whose bike fu is strongest? [Streetsblog SF

Roman Catholic School Expects Teachers to Behave Like Roman Catholics: Even in their off-hours. [SFGate]

Marcus Books Evicted: So sad. [Bay Guardian]

VC Says "People Need to Take Back Capitalism": Can Silicon Valley lay claim to a new way of doing business? [Pando Daily]

Local Market "Local Mission Market" Vandalized in Protest: We're not sure that the best way to tackle thorny issues of race and class is to spray paint "die" on the side of a business, but what do we know? [Uptown Almanac]

World's Only Captive Hyena Colony Shutting Down: The last of 13 of the animals held at UC Berkeley to be moved to zoos or sanctuaries. Also: UC Berkeley had a captive hyena colony. [Reuters]

Obama Praises Mountain View Walmart: Highlighting the company's energy efficiency, while protestors draw attention to its low wages. [San Jose Mercury]


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