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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon link round up

The Presidential Suite at the Sir Francis Drake

City College Accreditation Loss Stuns Students: No snark here. It's all bad news. [H/t: SFGate]

Newsoms Have Third Child: No snark here. It's all good news. [H/t: SFist]

America's Cup Team Luna Rossa Says It May Sit Out First Race: No snark here. It's all news we only barely care about. [H/t: SFGate ]

Larry Ellison's Vision For America's Cup Has Turned to "Custard": That really depends on the kind of custard we're talking about here. [H/t: Georgia Racing, via SF Citizen]

Aidin Vaziri Calls "We Built This City" The Worst Song Ever About SF: Somehow forgets that "Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair" exists. [H/t: SFGate]

New Dog Walker Law To Be Enforced Monday: Supervisor Scott Wiener wrote a law about dogs that's about to go into effect. Come on man, stop trying to wrap yourself in Harvey Milk's legacy. [H/t: SF Examiner]

Celebrating Independence, Embracing Wage Slavery: Aw snap. We wish we had a cool editor who let us write about John C. Calhoun too. [H/t: SF Bay Guardian]

SF's Most Exclusive Hotel Suites: Only $3,000 a night? Heck, let's have our next staff meeting there. [H/t: Curbed SF]


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