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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday lunch-break linkbait.

Elaborate Drag Funeral Today For Pioneering Activist Jose Sarria: This might be the funerial event of the season, and it's merited by Sarria's brilliant and brave activism. He'll be remembered fondly. [H/t: SFist

The Futile Exercise of Writing About Burning Man: Caleb Garling admirably engages an exercise in futility. [H/t: SFGate]

Tosca Cafe Bar Manager Isaac Shumway on Cocktails and Challenges: The anticipation builds as we approach Tosca 2.0. Sad to hear they'll be changing some drink recipes, but in Friedman we (mostly) trust. [H/t: Inside Scoop]

Oracle Team USA Knows It Has Target on its Back in America's Cup Finals: And that target will be fired on by cannons, if the Deed of Gift (the arcane rules of the America's Cup) doesn't preclude it or anything. Well who cares if they do: what do the rules matter, anyway? [H/t: SF Examiner]


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