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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon lunch break link bait.

Look at What HBO's "Looking" Looks Like: It looks like looking at the likeable "Looking" looks to be, like, the most-liked look of this looking season. Take a look now, because likely soon the only looking at "Looking" you be able to do is by looking at your television. [H/t: SFist]

Progress Seen in BART Strike Talks: Delays of five to ten minutes are still expected, though. [H/t: SF Examiner]

This Dude Biked on the Bay: This dude just won the morning commute. [H/t: 7x7]

What Every Young SFer Should Know About Obamacare: It doesn't say anything here about the death panels. Whatever happened to those? [H/t: The Bold Italic]

Occupy Chess Takes To Mid-Market: Knight to e7, checking the power of the financial system. [H/t: SF Weekly]


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