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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

San Francisco staffers on the food, music, movies, and more they are geeking out about.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: Thomas Pynchon's new book, Bleeding Edge. I haven't even read it yet, and it's already my favorite book of the year.

Caleb Pershan, Editorial Fellow: Finally, a new Phantogram track. It's brooding and poppy and my obsession with Phantogram continues.

Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief: Mother Jones co-editor Clara Jeffrey's stand-up-and-slow-clap review of Gary Kamiya's Cool Gray City of Love, a book that should be on every self-respecting San Franciscan's shelf. My favorite line: Jeffrey's coinage of the "San Francisco Approval Matrix—in which one axis is gentrify/don’t gentrify, and the other is left/ultraleft." I think I fall somewhere on the bottom-upper-right of that matrix.

George McIntire, Editorial Intern: The new Chvrches album "The Bones of What You Believe" is streaming on NPR and it is absolutely stunning. They're coming to the Fox Theater in November, so get your tix before they sell out.

Lauren Mooney, Acting Executive Editor: Confession—last night I actually said the words, "Wait, there's no yachting on TV tonight?" with disappointment. High winds cancelled the America's Cup races—but there are makeups today. I'm no yachting fan—not even close—but I will say loud and proud: The Cup makes great TV that any sports fan would appreciate. New Zealand needs only two more wins to take the Cup, so it could happen today.

Jenna Polito, Editorial Intern: I've been coming across more and more examples of 3D-printed apparel and accessories, and I can't help but admire the geometric beauty of local designer Summer Powell's 3D-printed necklaces, earrings and cuffs.


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