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You Almost Won't Mind Getting Stuck in this Part of SFO

The soon-to-open boarding area that brings us a little bit closer to the Jetsons. 

Masquerade in Black by Jay DeFeo

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The touchscreen display

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Sky by Merge Conceptual Design

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Angulos en Todas Las Direcciones by Carols Loarca

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Spirogyrate by Eric Staller

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A waiting area

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Another view of  Masquerade in Black by Jay DeFeo

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When the new Boarding Area E at Terminal 3 of SFO opens, it will provide more than an exit point to Tahiti. Turns out it's going to pretty cool be in too, which you can see in the slideshow of images above. It won't make your flight come any quicker, but at least you'll be a decent place while you wait for it. That's at least what SFO hopes.

The forward-thinking design is thanks to local architecture firm Gensler, which designed the boarding area with high ceilings, long banks of 23-foot-tall glass windows, and lots of light. The boarding area also houses several pieces of art, including works by Jay DeFeo and Wayne Thiebaud, courtesy of the San Francisco Arts Commission. There's even a space for local pop-up stores to house themselves.

If you want to check out the new boarding area, book yourself that ticket to Tahiti, come to the airport's community day on Saturday, or just check out our slideshow above.

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