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Your Stone Fruit Might Have Just Been Recalled

Plums pulled. Pluots pushed aside. Apricots abandoned. Nectarines nixed. All the drupes have been dropped.


You do buy your stone fruits exclusively at the farmers' market, don't you? No? Uh oh.

If you're the type who prefers your plums out of a plastic clamshell from Trader Joe's rather than from a dirt-smudged box delivered from Yolo County 13 seconds ago, you're about to get your comeuppance. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall of stone fruits handled by the Wawona Packing Company of Cutler, California, between June 1 and July 12, saying that they could have been contaminated by listeria, a dangerous bacteria. That product recall has led to the removal of stone fruits from Costco, Sam's Club, FreshDirect, Food 4 Less, and—you guessed it—even Trader Joe's.

There's been no reports of consumer sickness, but the voluntary action has been taken from an abundance of caution. There's good reason for that. A 2011 outbreak of listeria in cantaloupe killed 30 people.

So back to the Ferry Building farmers' market for you. Paying $60 for a bag of apriums doesn't seem so bad after all. If you've going, could you pick us up a few?


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