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Taking one for the tab

Local bartender (and San Francisco intern) Angela De Claro weighs in on the Bay Area dating scene, from her vantage point as the fly-on-the-wall watching it all unfold. Read More »

City Life

Light my fire

Nothing sparks romance like sitting by a fire, and no we aren't talking about bundling up in your sleeping bag by a pile of burning cardboard in Ocean Beach. Ghirardelli Square recently lit up a fire pit—located in the middle of the square—that will be accessible 24 hours a day, 365... Read More »

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Michelle Bergmann and Justin Juul

News and Features

City Life Neighborhoods News and Features

Love Thy Neighbor(hood): The Marina vs. The Mission

In other places, singles are willing to get in a car or a cab and travel miles to meet and mate. In economically stressed San Francisco, it’s hard to find anyone willing to date off their Muni line. Transit limits mean that each neighborhood has evolved its own dating... Read More »


Material Girl

Textile designer Laura Lienhard offers tips on how to liven up your living room—and make it spillproof, too. Read More »

Wine and Spirits

Aperitif Cocktails Shine a Light on a Dark, Cold Night

To ward off the chill this season, one might expect local bartenders to be pouring warm mulled wine and thick, sweet cocktails wrapped in as many layers of alcohol as my neck is with scarves. Read More »

Tech World

Thinking Makes It Go

It’s the stuff of science fiction: a marriage of brain and computer that allows the disabled to walk, the mute to speak, and all of us to control our reality with our thoughts alone.  A Wi-Fi implant in the brain? If anyone’s going to deliver, it’s the... Read More »


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