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Simplicity: The Ultimate Man Spa

06.13.14 - 06.20.14

Brainstorming ideas to celebrate your old man this Father’s Day? Give him a day to remember by gifting a spa treatment at Simplicity Simple Skincare, a Scottsdale spa designed specifically for men. See how Simplicity Simple Skincare takes “Man Spa” to a whole new level with treatments intended to throw out taboos and stereotypes men may have of the industry, all with a little bit of humor. Choose from the “50 Shades of ‘Get a Life’ Grey, Men’s Spa Week 2014,” an ode to fathers and their legacies, and get discounted treatments June 13 through June 20. Pick from treatments such as “What a Prick,” – a cacti facial – or “The Double Whammy,” – a treatment offering a facial and full body massage at the same time. For ladies who may feel a little left out, there is “The #WTF (What the Female) Menu,” a menu offering treatments for women.

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Simplicity Simple Skin Care
4375 N. 75th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251