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Libby Longlott


5 Top Mixologists and Their Signature Drinks

By Riki Altman-Yee, Lad Makinde, Teresa K. Traverse, David Tyda and Lauren Swanson

Photo of Libby Longlott by Carl Schultz; photo of Jason Asher by Grace Stufkosky; photo of Blaise Faber by Ash Ponders


The city’s booming culinary scene is hallmarked by inspiring new restaurant openings, impressive chefs, dishes to die for, experiences to savor and a spectrum of food and drink trends that take dining out into a whole new and exciting realm.

1. Libby Longlott
Libby Longlott spends her evening hours working in the dark at the Valley’s only underground tiki bar, UnderTow. A twist on a traditional daiquiri, the Scallywag's Scandal ($11) is made with passion fruit, coconut, blended rum and chicory coffee liqueur. “While the coffee liqueur is a surprising element, it complements the other fruit-forward notes beautifully,” she says. “Our patrons can't order just one.” 

Micah Olson and Ross Simon

2. Micah Olson
Co-owner and mixologist at both Bar Crudo and Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails, Micah Olson’s signature cocktail is Crudo’s best-selling drink: the Rebel’s Son ($12). A blend of Bulleit Rye, Cardamaro, rosemary, lemon, elderflower and old-fashioned bitters, "this drink is great because it appeals to both women and men as a whiskey drink,” Olson says. “And, it's just a really tasty drink."  

3. Ross Simon
Ross Simon, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour’s principal barman and proprietor, has created what he calls The Flawless Martini ($11). What makes it perfect? B&T’s handbottled blend of a house-specific ratio of spirit, vermouth and nano-filtered water that’s been chilled to less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This pre-diluted blend preserves the flavors of the drink, even as it warms up.   

Blaise Faber Jason Asher

4. Blaise Faber
Every ingredient in Tratto Head Bartender Blaise Faber’s Tratto Martini ($13) evokes a sense of place. Made with olive oil-washed Arizona Distilling Co. Commerce gin (the olive oil hails from chef Chris Bianco’s family’s native Italy), Faber’s homemade vermouth includes Arizona wine and honey, and roasted Arizona tangelo bitters. “Everything in this drink ties back to where we are and how we got here,” Faber says.

5. Jason Asher
Director of beverage development for Scottsdale’s Counter Intuitive, Jason Asher drew inspiration from the popular Prohibition-era cocktail The Last Word for his drink, the Onrush ($11). A mix of pineapple, poblano chili, lime, St. George green chile vodka, Fortaleza blanco tequila and Dolin Génépy des Alpes, “the drink is fruity and spicy and bold,” Asher says. “It shows the versatility of our bar.” 

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