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I Don’t Carrot All cocktail is a blend of housemade carrot juice infused with ginger, coconut and lime, and a splash of vodka.


Novel Ideas

By Jessica Dunham

Photo courtesy of Bitter & Twisted


Bitter & Twisted heads to the dark side for this year's Book o' Cocktails.

For the stylish set, it’s the anticipation of New York Fashion Week. For film geeks, it’s Sundance. For Phoenix mixology aficionados, it’s the annual release of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour’s new menu. And let’s be clear—“menu” is a misnomer. The Book o’ Cocktails, now in its fifth edition, comes with dazzling illustrations and a tongue-in-cheek narrative that befits whatever theme owner and head barman Ross Simon dreams up. This year, it’s a dark twist on 2017’s childhood fairy-tale-inspired menu, with all of your fave villains, baddies, scoundrels, ruffians and ne’er-do-wells making appearances. The menu outlines—at nearly 20 pages, perhaps “details” is a better verb than “outlines”—Bitter & Twisted’s brilliant drink concoctions and is written by Simon himself. Custom illustrator Matt Andrews did the art. So impressive is the book that the current incarnation is nominated for world’s best cocktail menu by Tales of the Cocktail, a global mixology summit. A few highlights: I Don’t Carrot All ($12), a tall glass of vodka, lime, ginger, coconut and carrot; and Enter the Dragoon ($12), a meld of Aperol and Dragoon Brewing IPA touched with lemon and cinnamon grapefruit juice. 1 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, 602.340.1924