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Women of Style 2018

By Lauren Swanson-Tyda and Taylor Transtrum

Photography Credits as Noted


For these chic Valley natives, having a melodious blend of beauty, brains and success never looked so good.

Melissa Rein Lively
The PR powerhouse and lover of all things luxury shares her lively approach to fashion.

My fashion philosophy is... destination-oriented. I basically have two fashion mentalities—work mode and vacation mode. My work wardrobe is a pretty consistent rotation of silk blouses, Chanel jackets, Iro blazers, leather pants, Saint Laurent or Gianvito Rossi heels and the occasional pair of dark tailored J Brand or Frame Denim jeans. My vacation wardrobe is pieced together by destination and tells an amazing story of adventures to over 50 countries. So many colors. So many textures. I love learning about the cultures and the people who handmade many of the items.
Bags: big or small? It totally depends on the occasion. My rule is that I never carry a large bag in the evening. I’m also a huge fan of absurdly tiny bags that fit nothing in them. So chic.
In terms of wardrobe, I would never... apologize. Fashion is experimental—a little slice of beauty/fun/elegance/art/color that you can bring to the world.

Photo by Scott Foust