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An abstract view in Downtown Phoenix.


Downtown Phoenix

Bill Bentley had just disembarked from the Phoenix Metro Light Rail station at Washington/Central when a building with some striking features caught his creative eye. Fortunately, he had his Canon 550D at the ready. “I was immediately drawn to the repeating pattern of the arched windows,” he explains. “With the sun being high in the sky, I noticed there was very little shadow being cast on the building itself, but the architectural arches were creating a nice shadow on the windows, which helped to eliminate any glare, while at the same time providing the abstract look that I wanted. It took just a few minutes to position myself and adjust my camera so the windows filled the entire frame.” After converting the image to a black-and-white in post-processing, Bentley ended up with exactly what he had aimed to capture—a unique, artistic view of the multistory building. The structure’s identity? It’s the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel, which Bentley saw in a whole new light that day.