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A Man in Full
Phebe Wahl | November 22, 2017


“A man who embraces all emotions and is not afraid to show sensitivity,” says actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson when asked to define a true gentleman. “Someone who is compassionate. A feminist. Encouraged to embrace the traditional...

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Perfect Presents at Anthem Gifts
Anh-Minh Le | November 21, 2017


On the heels of their first Menlo Park outpost, Anthem Home, Janelle and Kirk Loevner have just opened Anthem Gifts on the same...

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Shannon Hunt-Scott's Community Service
Anh-Minh Le | November 20, 2017

In 2014, when she and her husband, Kevin Scott, started their family foundation, Shannon Hunt-Scott admits that she was essentially “winging it.” Fortunately, some of...

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A Gourmet Gamble
Carolyn Jung | November 17, 2017


The Province at the new Bay 101 Casino in San Jose is by far the most ambitious and challenging restaurant ever opened by the Chris Yeo Group. It isn’t just that it took years of negotiations and months of...

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Creativity and Camaraderie in Saratoga
Anh-Minh Le | November 16, 2017


Any given evening, at the communal dining table for the artists-in-residence at Montalvo Arts Center, you might find a painter sitting beside a dancer or...

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Serving Up Art in Woodside
Anh-Minh Le | November 15, 2017


"I’m not the type of artist who would continue making a large body of work if there wasn’t a way for it to be seen,” says Rob Delamater, in-between bites of shoestring fries at...

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One of a Kind Shopping in Silicon Valley
Anh-Minh Le | November 14, 2017


Brimming with holiday cheer, these Silicon Valley venues offer one-of-a-kind shopping experiences.

1. Catch The Spirit
Nov. 15
Check those names...

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A Celestial Season for Lustrous Gemstones
Anh-Minh Le | November 13, 2017


With David Yurman’s new Solari Planets Collection, the sky’s the limit.

Each planet is exquisitely crafted with cutting-edge techniques and lustrous...

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French Bakery Expands in Palo Alto
Anh-Minh Le | November 10, 2017


Since it opened two years ago in Menlo Park, Mademoiselle Colette patrons had become accustomed to hearing that the croissants and pain au...

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The Future of Respite
Stephanie Davis Smith | November 9, 2017


You can get the story of Serenbe in a variety of ways. One is by hanging out with the community’s organic farmer, Matt Clayton. Each year, the 10-acre certified-organic...

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For This South Bay Designer, Size Doesn't Matter
Anh-Minh Le | November 8, 2017


Los Altos fashion designer Karen Klein recently debuted a new website with a new concept: sizeless clothing, created to fit women who wear sizes 0 to 14....

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Creativity and Camaraderie at the Montalvo Arts Center
Anh-Minh Le | November 7, 2017


On any given evening, at the communal dining table for the artists-in-residence at Montalvo Arts Center,...

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