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Forward-Thinking Feasts

A neuroscientist-turned-chef hosts cooking classes out of her Los Altos garage.

Just Desserts
A Bold Food creation composed of dehydrated meringue, chocolate, mint powder and fruity fluid gel.


Molecular gastronomy holds strong appeal to Muffie Fulton. After all, the culinary instructor was once a neuroscientist. Last year, she turned her back on a biotech career to showcase science in a different way—in cooking classes ($165 each) at her Bold Food teaching kitchen inside her tricked-out garage in Los Altos.

Her techniques class lets you channel Ferran Adria by learning about sous vide, hydrocolloids, the CVap (controlled vapor technology oven) and the thermomix (a souped-up food processor that also cooks). The Modern Burger—which will next be offered on Jan. 28—is the most popular course, allowing students to bake buns, grind meat, cook fries two ways, and make ice cream using liquid nitrogen and a Pacojet (which purees anything into utter silky smoothness). “It’s not your typical cooking class, where all you do is chop a bunch of stuff, then saute it,” Fulton says. “Here, you’ll work with hydrocolloids three ways, and do plating and artistic work. And at the end of class, you get to eat.”

Largely self-taught, Fulton grew up with a love for cooking, religiously watching Alton Brown on the Food Network. When she was on the hunt to take classes on the science of cooking, she found them so scarce that she decided to teach them herself. “If you understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of these techniques, you can make your cooking better,” she says. 888.884.5702


Originally published in the January issue of Silicon Valley

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