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Although My Karuna, a beverage that works to restore health through plant based ingredients, prides itself in minimizing it’s carbon footprint, it can’t say the same for the footprint the brand is leaving in the Los Angeles health market.

Angela Zeng, Ph.D.

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My Karuna

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My Karuna’s founder, Angela Zeng, a Ph.D. in pathology, set out to advance the health beverage industry as she developed a superfood beverage line that would utilize natural, whole plant ingredients to detoxify our vital systems and restore balance, equilibrium and natural vitality. Wang is a firm believer that food directly impacts our body and mind. She has made it her personal mission to deliver a product that provides direct results.

In a marketplace saturated with ostensible healthy beverages, My Karuna stands out amongst the others on the grocery store shelf. The harmonious amalgamation of ancient eastern wisdom with medical research and scientific data has allowed her line of products to truly deliver on their sales message.

My Karuna is infused with high concentrations of naturally occurring prebiotics and antioxidants, which allows the digestive system to break down and spread nutrients across the body, all the while still sustaining energy and overall well-being. Zeng believes that sometimes the human body needs a little extra help to remove the toxins and fight off disease, and that is exactly what her health beverage sets out to do.

With immense health benefits and a strong message of compassion and mindfulness, it was only a matter of time before My Karuna tapped into the LA health market. Both bloggers, lifestyle influencers, and celebrities (such as Pretty Little Liars actress Jessica Belkin below) flocked to this product and incorporated My Karuna into their daily diet.