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Agents of Change

By Phebe Wahl



These local luminaries are disrupting the beauty and fashion industries, offering both style and substance.

Sarah Kugelman
Skyn Iceland’s Sarah Kugelman became chronically ill in her 30s due to stress. “I was working all the time, traveling a lot, not sleeping enough and eating all of the wrong things,” she explains. “It wore my immune system down until I became very sick.” As part of her healing process, she took a trip to Iceland, where the pure environment, local longevity and glowing skin of the people inspired her to found Skyn Iceland, a vegan, cruelty-free, natural line of skincare that counts celebrity fans ranging from the Kardashians to Catherine Zeta Jones and Chrissy Teigen. Today, the Hamptons homeowner has learned to de-stress when out East with Meadow Lane bike rides, tennis at Triangle Tennis and sunset beach walks. “I’m a bit obsessed with Tracey Anderson and AKT,” she says, also counting Ananda Wellness and Yoga Center and One Ocean Yoga as regular haunts. “They are an amazing balance to TA and really go hand in hand with unplugging and relaxing.”