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Hilaria Baldwin


Great Expectations

By Phebe Wahl

Photographed by Mikey DeTemple | Styled by James Aguiar


How does Hamptonite Hilaria Baldwin balance an expanding brood and life in the limelight with such grace? The secret lies in her perspective.

It is a matter of days before “Baldwinito” number four is slated to arrive, yet Hilaria Baldwin is as calm and clear as ever. “I never thought I would have so many, but we like them all, so we keep on having more,” she says, laughing.

Possessing that enviable lit-from-within glow, Baldwin and her attitude of gratitude are deeply endearing, and as easy as it would be to envy the has-it-all beauty, she is just too darn kind and humble to incite anything but endearment. We suspect the secret lies in her trademark Living Clearly Method, the subject of her first book, published last year. “I practice something called The Living Clearly Method,” Baldwin explains. “The first principle is perspective—it’s just, ‘Let me look at the big picture,’” she says. “And so, even for pregnancy—pregnancy is not a never-ending thing; there is an end to it and then your body can go back. Is it ever exactly the same? No. But it can be pretty similar. And in some ways better because you know yourself more and you have more respect for what you can do. And that’s my biggest thing. When the kids are having a meltdown, when I’m having a meltdown, when I’m having a sleepless night, when I have to pee a million times—when I’m having any of the annoying things, I say, ‘Okay, this is now; it’s not going to be forever,’ and that keeps me calm. And then, you know, breathing and grounding, and balance and letting go. And then my other principles I do as well. But the first thing is really perspective.”

Hilaria Baldwin

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Eschewing perfection for a transparent, deeply authentic persona, Baldwin documents on social media the woes of pregnancy and the exhaustion of life with small children, yet always with an air of calmness. “I think that I lead by example. Because I do practice what I preach,” Baldwin says. “Not to say I don’t have my moments, because we all do,” she says. “I don’t want to make it seem like I think I’m perfect all the time, because I’m definitely not. But most of the time, I’m a very calm, collected person. And I have to be. I’ve got a lot of people relying on me to be that way. [For example], my children: When they’re going through something, I try to give them the bigger picture. I try to explain it to them; I try to teach them to breathe,” she says, also sharing that firm, kind and consistency is key. “I can be a tough parent. I am good cop, bad cop—I am all the cops. But I’m consistent, I am firm, and I’ve found that they respect me through that,” she says.

She shares that summers out East include regular mom routines, ranging from visits to The Children’s Museum to working with the local rescue horses and enjoying healthy meals at home with the occasional splurge. “I was vegan before I started having babies, and now I’ll eat fish and eggs,” Baldwin says of her diet, which the children mostly follow. “If we’re out somewhere, and they’re at a birthday party and there’s pizza, I let them have the pizza,” she says. “But when we’re at home, we eat very clean,” Baldwin shares. “Alec and I love to go to Highway, Nick & Toni’s, Fresno—that’s the usual crew of places that are really incredible,” she says.

Hilaria Baldwin

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Grounded in a background of gymnastics and dance, Baldwin later moved to yoga and co-founded Manhattan’s iconic Yoga Vida studio. Her continual yoga practice has proven an asset during her pregnancies as well. “The trick with it is that I don’t want to have anything get away from me,” she says, citing a mix of yoga, Physique57 classes and running as her stay-fit routine. “So I try to stay as strong and fit and muscular as possible throughout my pregnancy, understanding that I am going to get bigger, understanding that I am going to get some cellulite. Understanding that that’s just going to happen. But if I can keep my body, my circulation, everything, in good, working order, I can sort of hit the ground running within a very short period of time after having the baby. And that, I think, has helped me bounce back. That’s helped me keep my core through having babies,” she says. “I’m too lazy to have it the other way and do the work afterward. So I prefer little by little now, and then it’s easier in the long run.”

As a new face of Estée Lauder, Baldwin isn’t shy about her love of the products. “I have the mom circles under my eyes a lot of mornings,” she says. “And their Double Wear has really helped me just to feel a little bit brighter in the morning.” Aware of the power of her authenticity, Baldwin appreciates working with brands that align with her own values. “I think that people know when they’re being tricked. [Like], are you doing this just because it seems cool or just for money, or for all this different stuff?” she says of the oversaturated influencer market. “Estée Lauder is a brand I’ve known my whole life, and they seem very thoughtful, and they were a joy to work with. I like their products. ... I think that they’re authentic and I know I am authentic. We created a good team.”

When asked if their brood will expand beyond the four little ones, Baldwin is open to what the future may hold. “I only have one brother,” she shares. “But Alec comes from six. And you know what? It’s just so fun. And the connection that they have is really beautiful to experience.”  

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Shot on location at the Lowell Hotel New York in the Garden Suite