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Molly Howard

Molly Howard, far right, with her siblings (Eliza, Jackson and Chris) at her family home in Southampton


Growing Up in The Hamptons

By Anna Grazulis and Kendyl Kearly

Main photo by Ira Lippke | Howie Guja photos by Howie Guja | Benz photo by Gabby Neal | Bickley photo by Carly Tumen | Erin Breen and Katie McClure photo by Kendall Hanna | Candice Miller photo by Grant Friedman | Alexandra Macon photo by Hunter Abrams | Moehlmanns photo by Hanna Thomson | Delia Folk and Alison Bruhn photo by Caroline Owens


Every summer, a new wave of families make their mark on the east end. Some have a history that dates back generations, while others have just moved in. Here is a snapshot of family life out east.

Molly Howard
For Molly Howard, the Hamptons are filled with memories. Having summered out East since the age of 7, the co-founder of clothing brand La Ligne, sold at Bridgehampton’s Carbon38, has stories to tell—like the time she and childhood friend Sophie Elgort were locked out of the family’s midrenovation home. Howard attempted to shimmy through the skylight and got stuck, only to be found by Elgort’s father, Arthur, who, “naturally, turned it into a photo shoot.”

Memories at the home are still in the making, evidenced by the family photo taken at her sister Eliza’s engagement party at their father’s Southampton house. “The day after this photo was taken, my sister found out she was pregnant,” Howard says. “My niece, Saylor, is pretty much my life.”

One of the traditions Saylor will grow up to know is the Howard Family Memorial Day Weekend Boules Tournament. “My grandmother, Fay Howard, lived the last 15 years of her life in Cannes and spent much of her day playing boules,” Howard says. “We all learned from her, and in her honor, we have a big competition every summer, where we dress as she did and battle it out to get our name on the family trophy.” A friendly family competition that’s guaranteed to bridge generations still to come.