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A gin and tonic made with Liquid Gold Ancient Trade Bitters (4 fl. oz. for $20)


3 for Sipping

By Jennifer Barger

Photo courtesy of Modern Bar Cart


The Modern Bar Cart Podcast's Eric Kozlik mixes up a trio of tastes.

On The Modern Bar Cart Podcast, DC cocktail entrepreneur Eric Kozlik interviews local and national booze experts on topics from how to stock your home bar to the origins of tiki drinks. He’s also the CEO of a cocktail mixers company by the same name, which operates out of Union Kitchen and is responsible for products like Embitterment Bitters. Try his summer mix. 1369 New York Ave. NE

Share a twist on a classic cocktail for summer.
Rum has been so huge lately, and I like to put it in a daiquiri with our Typhoon Tiki Bitters by Embitterment (4 fl. oz. for $20). It’s a heavy-hitting, simple [sip], and the bitters gives it a bit of orange peel and allspice.

How about seasonal produce—can it star in a drink?
This time of year, I love a bramble or a smash, which are whiskey cocktails with fruit. Berries look so good in them.

And what would you drink when it’s 1,000 degrees out?
Well, if you’re hot and bothered, gin and tonics originated in warm climates for medicinal purposes. They’re a great way to be soothed!