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Malavara Lime Vetiver body and hand wash and lotion gift set


5 Holistic Beauty Tips

By Kristen Schott

Photo Courtesy of Malavara


Malavara simplifies Indian beauty routines to get you glowing, sooner.

DC’s Tejal Ramnathkar Engman and the U.K.’s Alix Turner met in 2006, while at JPMorgan in London. Between earning calls, they chatted about doing something beautiful. Enter Malavara. Their new essential oil-based skin- and haircare line melds Indian ingredients and rituals with daily routines. It’s based on ayurveda—the idea that mind and body are linked. Here are their best practices.

It seems you’ve cracked the beauty code.
TRE: As time is perhaps our scarcest resource, Malavara was [created] with active botanicals and uses massage techniques to cut down on the effort.
AT: Take the Dry Silk body oil. It sprays on moringa and apricot seed oils that soak right into your skin. You can get dressed straight after.

What’s the biggest misconception about ayurveda?
AT: That you have to buy into the doctrine fully to benefit. We see tremendous benefits in incorporating a few rituals, even if you don’t entirely know the practice or if you’re a Vata, Pitta or Kapha (the three mind-body types).

Share your winter rituals.
Daily oil-pulling in the morning with sesame oil, as this gets rid of bacteria. ... I apply sweet almond oil to my body before showering, including my face and feet. I use the Malavara body wash (300 ml for $30) and pat dry with a towel. Once a week, after abhyanga (body oil massage), I scrub with Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub.
AT: I’m a fan of dry skin brushing, or garshana, to promote lymphatic cleansing. ... From a dietary perspective, I put ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and turmeric in my herbal tea to increase circulation.

Your No. 1 beauty priority?
I moisturize with an SPF in the morning, and remove my makeup nightly.
TRE: I slather on lotion in the morning; my skin looks ashy if I don’t. I give myself a minifacial at night to promote circulation.

Any products you swear by?
Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub (Tejal got me hooked). For fragrance, I turn to Jo Malone.
TRE: Eminence Clear Skin probiotic cleanser keeps breakouts at bay. I use an Elta MD tinted moisturizer for day— it’s the only hyaluronic acid-based [one] I’ve found with a high SPF and the right tint. I apply Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Tinte on top in the winter.