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The GTF cocktail from Baba


Gin Blossoms

By Nevin Martell

Photo by Ardent Vibe


April showers brought May flowers, 
which are blooming in colorful cocktails this spring season.

1. 1475 Frosé
Don’t be an ice queen: Head over to the Occidental for its princess-pink slushy powered by Dark Horse Rosé, Absolut Elyx, Peach Liqueur and Pineapple, and coronated by a blushing rose. $11, 1475 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 202.783.1475

2. GTF
Made with cucumber-infused gin and elderflower tonic, this almost-too-pretty-to-drink G&T courtesy of Baba is finished with a bouquet of pansies, sage flowers and violets. $11, 2901 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va., 703.312.7978

3. Kayla’s Cocktail
An edible hibiscus tops off Farmers & Distillers’ refreshing elixir forged from Founding Farmers gin, apple brandy, aperol and curacao. $13, 600 Massachusetts Ave. NW, 202.464.3001

4. Millefiori
Meaning “a thousand flowers” in Italian, Iron Gate’s ruddy sipper is concocted with Don Ciccio & Figli tart cherry blossom and elderflower liqueurs, Civic Vodka, hibiscus soda and a charming orchid garnish. $14, 1734 N St. NW, 202.524.5202