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Men of the Moment 2018

By Mimi Faucett

Photography by Greg Powers | Shot on location at Incanto


From cutting-edge creative directors to a dapper CEO, the guys in DC are having a moment. Here, five of the city’s leading gents sound off—in their own words.

Tamon George 
Director, Content Strategy; co-founder, Creative Theory Agency
Continue creating innovative creative strategy campaigns that disrupt the digital landscape

Work on more passion projects as a company. Oh, and travel the globe.

“I came to the U.S. in 2013 as a student, and immediately became fascinated by innovation strategy and digital media. After I finished my MBA, I had a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur. I met my co-founder, Gary Williams Jr., in 2015, and we were off to the races. In 2017, we worked on two amazing projects with Google that we’re really proud of. First, we created and helped launch a magazine that highlights women entrepreneurs in the Google ecosystem. And, second, we were able to build out and execute a creative project for the Pixel 2 smartphone launch. As a creative strategist, brainstorming is beyond my favorite thing to do. Thinking about possibilities, trying to take an idea further—truly invigorating. As a company, we bring our community with us in every project we work on. We focus on impact, diversity and building belonging—simply because it’s who we are. I see innovation as something that lives in collaboration, and learning from others and what they’re thinking and working on is plenty of stimulation to push us ahead of the curve.” 

Makeup by Esquire Stelly, hair by Charcelle Wilson, both for GLAMSQUAD