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5227J-001 Calatrava in yellow gold with ivory-lacquered-gold-applied markers, $32,887


Time on Your Side

By Michael McCarthy

Photo courtesy of Patek Philippe


Tiny Jewel Box unveils the exclusive Patek Philippe showroom.

SINCE 1839 THE Geneva-based watchmaker Patek Philippe has crafted art for our collective wrists. Now, the minds behind the Swiss brand will have their own home in District. Tiny Jewel Box recently unveiled its Patek Philippe showroom within its Connecticut Avenue boutique. With more than 100 men’s and women’s timepieces on hand at any given time, TJB owner and CEO Matthew Rosenheim thinks the space will be a boon for watch lovers looking for a perfect way to celebrate the new year. “These are timeless and gorgeous watches, and we’re thrilled to celebrate their craftsmanship by showcasing them in the heart of DC,” he says. 1155 Connecticut Ave. NW